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Akamonkai Online School was established based on the educational know-how of Akamonkai Japanese Language School, which has an established reputation for Japanese language education.

Classes are held in small groups and are conducted intensively with emphasis on output under the guidance of professional Japanese teachers, with the aim of steadily improving Japanese communication skills.


We offer a wide range of course lineup from beginner to advanced level.
For groups and corporations, customization is available upon request.


Akamonkai online courses are not aiming to just pass JLPT. Our courses are for those who really want to acquire Japanese language skills. The courses are designed to solidify the foundation of Japanese language, cultivate comprehensive skills, and develop the ability to use Japanese appropriately. It is not an easy task to attend a class for 90 mins everyday, prepare and review, and submit assignments. However, the content is designed to respond to the “motivation” and “enthusiasm” of learners and we will try our best to support your study.
Let’s keep up the good work, everyone!
Tanii Sensei
Curriculum Manager
In Japanese, there are different expressions used in different situations, such as those used in daily conversation, polite speech, and in writing. If you study by yourself, it is difficult to know what kind of situations you will use the words in, and I think many people end up using the wrong words even after they have learned them.In our class, the teacher will tell you whether it is a spoken word, a written word, or a word that is only used in movies or novels, so I think you will be able to study efficiently.Studying in our class will surely be useful for anyone who uses Japanese for work, study, or hobbies.
Jo Sensei


I had so much fun with online study for 3 months. You can take lessons anywhere if you have PC / tablet. I am shy, so I could feel comfortable by taking lessons in my room.
The way of teaching was easy to understand. I could get feedback on my short essay everyday. I also could speak a lot in the lessons. Thanks to the lessons, now my skill of expressing my opinions in Japanese got improved for both conversation & writing. I had a lot of mistakes on verb forms 3 months ago, but now I have more confident on writing & speaking Japanese.
Ms. Ren
China / Skill-up Course
I have been studying Japanese for about 3 years, and did a combination of self study and language classes in America. Even compared to a college course I took in America, Akamonkai’s classes are superior. I took their online Challenge 1 Course, which definitely helped me become more comfortable speaking with appropriate grammar, and improved my writing greatly. I enjoyed the course so much I enrolled in their online Challenge Course 2. I have been a language teacher for 14 years, and I am impressed Akamonkai’s structure, organization and commitment to building their students’ conversational skills through pedagogically sound methods. 
Ms. Sarah
U.S.A. / Challenge Course1 → Challenge Course2