About Akamonkai

Akamonkai was established in 1985 and accredited incorporated educational institution since 2005.

To date, we have educated more than 20,000 graduates from over 80 countries.

Student can have courteous teaching by teachers with extensive experience in Japanese language education and with various backgrounds.

Akamonkai Online Japanese Language School was established to provide this high quality education to those who cannot study abroad for many different reasons.

Our Study Methods

In the class, we use Zoom to share slides on the screen while explaining kanji, vocabulary, and grammar, practicing, conversation, and mini-writing. In the latter half of the class, we also have discussions.

Feature 1:Rich examples & illustrations to facilitate understanding.

Example sentences are provided for kanji and vocabulary so that you can understand how to use them. Grammar points are also carefully explained with plenty of example sentences and illustrations. We also explain the distinction between spoken and written words and their natural usage.

Feature 2:Focus on output to improve communication skills

On top of that, we will have plenty of oral practice, conversation practice, and group discussions so that you can develop your communication skills. You will also be given mini-writing assignments every day so that you can improve your writing skills.

Feature 3:Emphasis on review and reinforcement of weak points

Every day in class, we always review the previous day’s kanji and grammar items, so you can check your understanding. In addition, you can receive detailed guidance from the teachers so that you can reinforce your weak points.

In addition, students use the LMS (Learning Management System) to prepare, review, and do homework, and the LMS has a large number of exercises (conjugation exercises, kanji exercises, etc.) to enhance the learning effect.

Our Teachers

Tanii SenseiCurriculum Manager

Akamonkai online courses are not aiming to just pass JLPT. Our courses are for those who really want to acquire Japanese language skills. The courses are designed to solidify the foundation of Japanese language, cultivate comprehensive skills, and develop the ability to use Japanese appropriately. It is not an easy task to attend a class for 90 mins everyday, prepare and review, and submit assignments. However, the content is designed to respond to the “motivation” and “enthusiasm” of learners and we will try our best to support your study.
Let’s keep up the good work, everyone!

Jo Sensei

In Japanese, there are different expressions used in different situations, such as those used in daily conversation, polite speech, and in writing. If you study by yourself, it is difficult to know what kind of situations you will use the words in, and I think many people end up using the wrong words even after they have learned them.In our class, the teacher will tell you whether it is a spoken word, a written word, or a word that is only used in movies or novels, so I think you will be able to study efficiently.Studying in our class will surely be useful for anyone who uses Japanese for work, study, or hobbies.

Masuta Sensei

At Akamonkai Online School, students from different languages and cultures learn Japanese while improving each other’s skills. I ask the students a variety of questions and have conversations with them so that they can think after class, “I was able to use a lot of Japanese today! One of my favorite things to do these days is to go to international restaurants that I learned from my students, and to actually cook the international cuisine. Last weekend, I found a delicious Banh Mi restaurant ♫. Come and learn Japanese with us!

Ozawa Sensei

In our online courses, we aim to solidify the foundation of grammar and further develop the skills to apply it. For this reason, we place as much emphasis on conversation and writing practice as we do on grammar in every class. Both conversation and composition are useful in establishing grammar. In particular, writing a composition every day is a good way to review grammar items and improve conversation skills. The first few weeks may be tough. However, once you get used to it, you will find that your Japanese language skills have greatly improved. We look forward to your participation!


Q1 : Which textbooks do you use?

A: We use the following textbooks.
Basic Course:Irodori – Elementary 2 (A2) (いろどり 初級2(A2))
Skill-up Course:Chukyu e Ikou (中級へ行こう)
Challenge Course 1:Chukyu wo Manabou – Chukyu Zenki (中級を学ぼう – 中級前期)
Challenge Course 2:Chukyu wo Manabou – Chukyu Zenki (中級を学ぼう – 中級中期)
High-Level Course:Original teaching materials, Academic Japanese for International Students Listening Comprehension [Intermediate to Advanced ],[Advanced](留学生のためのアカデミック・ジャパニーズ[中上級],[上級])

Q2 : How do I apply for a course?

A: You will be asked to take an interview and a placement test to ensure that your Japanese language skills are appropriate for the class. Please follow the flow below.

Q3 : Is it possible to observe an actual class?

A: Yes, you can observe a class. Please select “Other inquires” from the “Contact us” form, and then write “I would like to have a trial lesson” in the ” Inquires” field. We will send you a list of possible dates.

Q4 : I just started studying Japanese, so my ability to write Hiragana and Katakana is still low. Can I still sign up for the course?

A: We currently offer the live lesson courses for those who are N5 level or above. For the beginners, we have on-demand course. Please kindly contact us for more details.

Q5 : After taking online lessons, I would like to study abroad at Akamonkai Japanese Language School in Tokyo. Is it possible?

A: Yes, you can apply for Akamonkai. However, if you wish to study in Japan with a college student visa, you will need to go through a separate screening process. You will be also required to prepare 5-6 months prior to enrollment. Please contact us for more details.